Theresa Rachel - Wardrobe Therapist

Graduated in marketing, worked for some years in large multinational companies until over a course of personal style, she took a look to observe her wardrobe and found difficult to identify herself with the clothes she had in her closet. Since then, she also needed to observe herself and understand the reasons of her choices, not only the clothes she used to wear, but also in her personal and professional life.

After few moments of self-examination, she said good-bye to the corporate world to share the lessons acquired during her self-knowledge trajectory and engage in to her mission to transform womem's life throught looking for their identity and helping them to know and recognize themselves throught what they wear.

She presentes her job as a "wardrobe therapy", because she uses the self-knowledge as the main tool and believes that image consulting is a process that goes beyond dressing.

Certified as Imagem Consultant and Personal Shopper for womem and men at the Imagem Academia International (IAI), in the United States.

What Is Wradrobe Therapy?

The Wardrobe Therapy leads you into a self-discovery, it makes you look inside to yourself and allows you learn not only about clothing and style, but also connect who you are to what you wear.

Thus, we go beyond to how to dress better. It will be a time dedicated exclusively to observe yourself through the information provided in your closet as: textures, shapes, colors, prints, cuts and by other influences such as fashion magazines, celebrities, trends and finally recognize yourself among so many references.

The way we dress is a nonverbal communication that reflects our personality, lifestyle, education and the moment that we're going through. For this reason, during the sessions, she uses the self-knowledge as the main tool to translate your personality and lifestyle in the way that you dress.

After identifying your preferences, she defines your visual image proposal, according to your goals and helps you figure out what is your fashion personality and how to adapt it to your professional environment and personal life.

Additionally, she teaches you how to coordinate colors and prints, makes your color and body shape analysis and creates different looks with the clothes that you already have in your closet. And going further, she gives support to buy in an intelligent and sustainable way.

Whom is the Wardrobe Therapy for?

It is for all women who want to transform their way of dress in an unique and authentic way and seek to recognize themselves through what they wear.